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Welcome to the Consciousness Call Community.

This is a developing community of Lightworkers in Ascension of all levels of experience and Mastery. This Community is held by Daniella Breen.

This community has been gathering for some years and in recent times we have made it more available to all Lightworkers.


Priestesses of Light

The Consciousness Call Community includes a private group called the Priestesses of Light for women who identify as Lightworkers. 

Women who identify themselves as Lightworkers, or want to be Lightworkers.

Women who are aware that they are Ascending Home and who choose to support Humanity in it's Ascension Home.  

If you identify with this, then please join us. Membership is free, other than the expectation of respect, honour, kindness, participation and honour. 

I am Daniella Breen and I am the holder of this community space. I share awareness of my Lightwork, services and events I hold. You are not required to be a participant of my paid work to be a member of this community. 

In honour, Daniella Breen. 

Daniella's Ezine

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Stand Together and Hold the Light

Yesterday we held the first Light Show. Our new radio show, held monthly, for Light Holders to gather together and Hold the Light. If you didn't catch it, then please go and listen to the playback. I am so en-joyed as to how strong in Light it is and how well it flowed. This 'show' is not just an intellectual…

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The Light Show with Daniella Breen

In a couple of days the first official Light Show will take place.


Monday, 3pm PST (USA); Tuesday, 10am GDT (Australia). 

Join me for 1 hour each month - to Hold the Light, standing side-by-side. Without personal agenda, other than the abject choice of Light - Freedom - Home. Holding your own…

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The journey that humanity is currently undertaking, is the Journey Home. After such a long time in enslavement, we are clearing and leaving the Distortion that has held humanity down and returning to a condition of Freedom, where Our Choice is Our Way. 

Coming Home is about Clearing, Recovering, Strengthening and Restoring Self Authority. Self Authority is what today's reading is about. Remember this. When Home,…

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Heart Light (Soul Light)

Deep in the Center of your Heart, is the most beautiful spinning ball of Light. 

It spins so smoothly, so beautifully, that you can barely notice it spinning at all, but it is.


In the center of the ball is a Star of Light. 

Strong and constant, this Star is the Ultimate Sacred…

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I have started a new line of Public Readings to be hosted here at Consciousness Call. These readings are to occur at least weekly. I use cards from oracle and tarot decks that I have, but what will be coming through is going to be well beyond the…
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