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In truth, Ascension is an incorrect term for the Journey Humanity is on. Yes, Humanity is on a journey, a big one, but it is more accurate to call it Returning Home. 

Humanity has been bound up in massive and complex distortion for a long, long time. Humanity's design, it's purpose, has been interrupted.

Some work had to be performed in order to make it possible for Humanity to come into it's mastery and ultimate purpose. 

That work, having been completed, now allows Humanity to return Home where it can move into its ultimate purpose - far beyond where we are operating right now. 

Leaving Distortion, by Aligning with absolute Truth is exactly where we are now. That is the Journey Home. 


The Importance of Being Human

The Human Race is of singular and significant design not only on Earth, but within this Free Will Universe.

Humanity is designed as a complex set of Forms that works both individually (each person) and in groups (like families, societies) and as a race as a whole. It's comprised as a set of Forms which are interlinked with Earth and most importantly, the Matrix that forms the World. In fact, the Human Race is the only way to gain access to the World. 

The significance of the Power - the single authority to the World, is massive. The attraction of having the Reigning Access to the World of a Free Will Universe makes the Human Race a very attractive target for power hungry consciousness. Up until recently, we had such a Consciousness present here on Earth. We called it Darkness.

Darkness is a generic term, it's true name is unavailable to the Human Race, and for that matter most consciousness that is present within this Universe. The point is, that Darkness itself is no longer allowed for within this Universe, and never shall be again. 

Unfortunately, while it was here, Darkness worked hard and long to develop control over the Human Race. It set up masses of distortion which it built through the human Form rendering the human race largely an enslaved Race. Humanity becoming a puppeteered race. 

Now, the time long prophecised has arrived. we are here. Certain failsafes have been put in place and some veils have been removed. There is more to come. 

Most importantlyhumanity is rising through the distortion tangle. This is a much bigger and more complex journey than you may imagine. 


Understanding Distortion

You would think, wouldn't you, that leaving the distortion would be a simple thing. You choose the Light, Distortion is not Light, you don't choose distortion, so the alignment with light becomes stronger until the Distortion leaves. If only it were that simple!

The Truth is that you, me and everyone, has been tangled in this mess for a very long time. Distortion upon distortion, upon distortion is developed, so that the very foundation of consciousness is far away from the Sacred truth. Even when you believe you are well aligned, it is more that you are leaning towards Light - and supported in relative storylines that take you from one distortion you are in, to another and so on - towards the ultimate truth. 

Even Light has set things up to mislead Darkness by misleading People. It is going to take some time to climb out of this mess, and it's not as black and white as determining 'this' as a lie and 'that' as truth. 


Leaving Distortion

So what does it take to Leave the Distortion? 

A single answer: Align With The Truth. 

With each distortion you are held in, no matter whether it's individual or a larger, more complex distortion for greater numbers that you are a part of, one thing holds. Light. Light is eternal, this Universe is Light Design, Light Held, and all of the True Design (that which is not Dark Design and it's consequences). 

As the Light grows in the Form of the Human Race, it stirs up more distortion, which then reverberates through the world and plays out in terrible and crazy ways. 


  • Government Leaders without Light;
  • Covid 19;

just to name a few....

Here's an example of how it can play out: Those who are carrying the distortion will change before your eyes. Their behaviour will alter, their attitudes, they can become arrogant, toxic and otherwise, well... distorted. 

It is likely that you have gone through it as well, or will go through it in your own ways. When this happens, who you really are, gets pushed aside, while the distortion takes over and runs you. You are not (or rarely) aware of the difference. 

But what does also happen is that over time, in this distortion, you start to hear/feel beyond the distortion. You start to hear/feel the Light. That sound, that tone of Light - becomes more prominent to your awareness. 

Your Breath, Your Awareness, Your Presence, increasingly aligns with the Light, the Truth, and your Form loses the malformation of the Distortion and you leave. 


Tools of This Journey

The Fundamentals


Integrating into Form


Chakra Work

Form 'Energy' work like Reiki

Body Movement Work like Yoga

Earth Connection Work

Healing Tools like EFT, counselling, massage



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