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Stand Together and Hold the Light

Yesterday we held the first Light Show. Our new radio show, held monthly, for Light Holders to gather together and Hold the Light. If you didn't catch it, then please go and listen to the playback. I am so en-joyed as to how strong in Light it is and how well it flowed. This 'show' is not just an intellectual 'listen in', it is experiential, participatory, aligning and strengthening in Light. "Mindblowing", "my favourite of all of your work", are just some of the comments so far. 

I care deeply about Humanity and the Journey Home that we are currently on. I work deeply in cleaning up distortion, the corrupted condition that form holds, that shapes our World. So I am not someone who only focuses on Light - not that I am critical of those who do, they provide a much needed stability throughout the human race that is difficult enough to come by right now. However, also, I am deeply aware of the need to stand still in Light and Hold. To be entirely present in the condition of Light and Hold Firmly. To align with others in Light and Live the beautiful mandala of Light, Colour, Tone, Shape and Harmonics that play out. To Hold such a condition for a while strengthens each person's presence in the Free Consequence of Wholeness in Light. To Hold such a condition for an Hour at a time, allows the formation to gain strength and a deeper, stronger, presence at all times. To Hold such a condition each month, not only gains strength in your Form, but in the combined Form of Humanity - a deeper, stronger unifying condition of Light Wholeness that Humanity can heal, strengthen and gain succour from. 

If you joined us on the Show, I hope you commit to participating each month, and to sharing the show with all those you know who value Light Holding. If you have yet to participate, I hope you listen to the playback/s (the test run is also a complete show) and join us on the next Live Show. 

Please, share, comment, Follow the Show, and join us next month as we Stand together and Hold the Light


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The Light Show with Daniella Breen

In a couple of days the first official Light Show will take place.


Monday, 3pm PST (USA); Tuesday, 10am GDT (Australia). 

Join me for 1 hour each month - to Hold the Light, standing side-by-side. Without personal agenda, other than the abject choice of Light - Freedom - Home. Holding your own internal Light Source is the Choice for this significant work. 

Will you stand for 1 hour with me, each of us Holding our own Light? 


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Heart Light (Soul Light)

Deep in the Center of your Heart, is the most beautiful spinning ball of Light. 

It spins so smoothly, so beautifully, that you can barely notice it spinning at all, but it is.


In the center of the ball is a Star of Light. 

Strong and constant, this Star is the Ultimate Sacred Truth of You. 

Be present with it and Breathe. 

Your Star of Light is eternal. You can move deeper and deeper into the Star,

Moving towards the center, but try as you may, you will never reach the center of Your Star. 

Try it now. 

As you move deeper, you may feel that you are not merging with it, but that it is moving around you. 

In this case, stop, and Hold, and give your Form time to adjust, so that your Form and the Light of Your Star merge. 

You are meant to merge and this means 'align', with your Star. 

So stay in one position with the Light for as long as it takes for your Form to absorb or align with your Star Light. 

Then, once it does, go deeper towards the Center. 

Move gently, move slowly, and any time you find the Light unable to absorb with your Form, 

Wait, Hold and allow your Form to adjust. Once the Light has absorbed, then continue. 

You Are Sacred. Know Yourself as Light. 

In Light, Daniella Breen. 

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Just as with everyone, I am on quite the journey these days. The work that I do publically, with clients/friends in sessions perhsonal and group, the sharing that I do on FB, Twitter, Here, keeping up my websites etc, is a small percentage of what I am actually doing behind the scenes - night and day. It's a fairly bumpy ride and nothing is done 'perfectly' well but everything is moving along at some kind of pace - which is about as ideal as we can get in these times. 

Distortion does so much to make things so much more difficult. 

1. It exists through your form to make your life go against what you choose it to be. 

2. It makes it difficult for you to do what you should be able to do.

3. It distorts your mind so that you think differently than you would otherwise thing - away from Light, away from decency without even realising it, away from the Truth. 

4. It means that the very foundation for Humanity is 'other' than the Truth right now, although it won't always be so. 

I am aware of this, as aware as I am able, and am working to clear distortion in myself and others which takes a great deal of Holding in Place Of - meaning where distortion is pulling in one direction, I am Holding Firmly in the Position of Light. This is tiring, very tiring. It is working and things are slowly transforming, but it is a lot! 

One of the more frustrating results of so much of my effort going into such a specific area, is that I do not have enough presence left to do the work that I love to do, the way that I love to do it. 

So, please, be patient with me, because it is all coming along, just slowly. I assure you that the Consciousness I have to share is wonderful and 'on point' with Life right now, I am just not able to share as thoroughly and deeply as I would prefer. But the riches of information and strength that support you are unfolding. 

In Light, Daniella <3 


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This journey Home is not black and white, it is not set in stone, it is not a simple journey to behold. Instead this journey has forwards and backwards steps. It cycles around over and over, to seemingly the same point of condition - and yet, it goes deeper than that. 

Your Form has many layers, aspects, conditions of distortion. Your Mind is impacted by your Form and it's many conditions, it's many distortions. Your Awareness is a Point of Presence and is influenced, sometimes very heavily, by the distortion of your Mind and your Form. This means that you can feel very strongly that you are clear on certain points, True Norths in Your Mind that further down the track, you discover are merely Distortion. That being said...

The Journey Home is genuine. It is supported by God, by Light, by Consciousness Beyond the Universe itself. So even when all seems grim, all seems hopelessly confusing, baffling and frustrating, conditions will change, awareness that was not there at one point, will gradually (or sometimes quickly) develop, slot into place and Homeward you will shift. 

The Journey Home is made up of many shifts, expansions, awakenings, rememberances, letting goes, leaving behinds, and so on. The more you can both willingly work on yourself, your Form, your condition, as best you can and meanwhile, surrender to a process that is greater than you can see or perceive, the more Whole and Inclusive of all that You Are, your Journey will be. In other words, this is the best approach. 

Along the way, you awarenesses will jump from time to time. You will cross thresholds of awareness - points where your realisation shifts in some way and you finally 'get it'!! However, disconcertingly, you will also  cross back and lose those awarenesses - this is not a permanent condition - it comes from aligning with different aspects of You - some who are ready and Home - and other aspects of You that are buried deep in distortion. As I said, a baffling journey, but do not be concerned - the riverflow is Homeward. 

I will continue to write much about this in detail and in general. You will feel it ever increasingly so that your experience of the journey will not be quite so hopelessly confusing, baffling and frustrating. 

Ever Light, Daniella Breen

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Nobody needs to be run by their relationship with the internet. Be clear on your boundaries. How you value life on and off the net. Live according to your own values. Just because there are people out there espousing hatred, fear, rage, judgement, arrogance, does not mean that you have to react, not even in your own mind. The poison grows only if you feed into it. Keep bringing yourself back to your own center. Build your own garden of light whether in your home, on your facebook page and elsewhere on the net, at work, out with friends. Keep restoring your space to your frequencies alone, and those who align with those frequencies will participate and you shall gain new friendships of like frequency. In Light, Daniella

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Hey Everyone,

Close on the heals of yesterday's report about Racism, I am choosing to do another report, another significant aspect of what is going on in the World and how it impacts each of us. My focus today is Empathic Consciousness and the extreme outrage and violence forcing its way through the Human Race these days. 

The thing about Empaths is, we are highly sensitive to the movements and motions of consciousness running through the Human Race. Not all of these movements and motions are good. Some of them, are brutal, forceful, violent, and it's hard work remaining separate from them, even when you recognise them for all that they are - Distortion. What can make it more difficult, is when you are legitimately angry and upset yourself, such as the violent, cruel murder of an unarmed man by someone in a position of honour, trust and power, who abuses his power and violates people under the pretense of doing his duty.

So, what exactly am I saying? There are two significant aspects to be aware of here. First is the raging Distortion is contagious, is was generated by Darkness and fuels destruction, not ever positive results. You, as an Empath, can be very susceptible to these raging Distortions, you can be impacted in several ways, both by being swept up in the Distortion, but also by being beaten up by it as you're slammed by the Distortions belting around, rather like being swept up in a powerful, turbulent wind. Be aware that the Distortion is separate from Caring about what has happened - they do not go hand in hand, this is Dark Design taking over something very important. You may need to spend time centering yourself if you recognise this, and keep returning to center so that you don't get impacted by the Distortion as much as possible. 

The Second aspect is the Murder itself. When you understand how the Human Race is designed, and what Darkness developed to enslave, dominate and control the Human Race, then you realise that nothing short of leaving the Distortion Tangle is going to really resolve this terrible mess - all of it. The Distortion runs through all of us, different aspects impact and blind different people, however, all people are impacted by this aweful design. 

We are now in the time where we are beginning to separate from the Distortion Tangle. Darkness is no longer running the show, it is no longer present and active. However the Distortion is very active and as more light hits it, the Distortion fires up very strongly with terrible impact on our World and all those who live in it. I'm not suggesting what to do or not do. I'm adding information, consciousness so that you make an informed decision. 

I will say this, it's so easy to blame people for this mess, but it really is Darkness at it's base, not people. People are running on enslaving Distortion and so it is, for now. There are people who no longer have their soul, through trauma, violence and other desperate situations, that are entirely made up of Distortion (because distortion often runs through damage in the Soul), they can't be helped or healed, they won't leave the Distortion, they will remain there until they die. So there are some people who will never awaken from the Distortion Tangle, when you think about people who commit acts of Horror, they are often some of those people so completely enslaved to Darkness that they have no mind of their own. They still belong in prison, they do not belong out in society, community. 

But for you, You have a choice. In every step, you have a choice. Take care of your self. You Are Sacred. 

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Racism is an abomination. Darkness developed it in all of it's ugly complexity, blatant and subtle, overt and covert, obvious and multi-layered. Racism is merely one of so many different focuses of distortion, all of them abominations, all of them evil, all of them introduced to the Human Race, not one of them native to Humanity nor relevant to the functioning of this Universe. 

The desire of Darkness is power. The means of power here on Earth over the world and even the Universe, is the Human Race. Human Design includes the unique facility via Human Form, of managing the World, or in Darkness's 'hands', control and domination over the world and all who dwell within it.  So Darkness sought Power. It did this by developing Form. Form in the frequency and shape of hate, violation, abomination, violence, fear, rage, and I'm using generalised terms because I won't support the frequencies of the actual vile frameworks. 

The intention of These Distortions (there are many others as well), is to destroy the Unity of Humanity. To destroy the communion between People, the Light connections, to distort everything so that Darkness can control everything as Humanity is disempowered and lost. 

The Human Race, is ascending, pulling against the Tangle of Distortion and slowly separating from it. As this happens, the Distortion flares up in dramatic and terrible ways. The most powerful thing you can do, as someone who is consciously Returning Home, is to hold awareness that the Racism Distortion (as with other distortions) may be more complex and have more subtle aspects than you believe or are aware of and that you may still be entangled in more subtle ways. Keep some awareness on subtle and potentially frequencies around racism. Not just what you know as racism, but also, that there may be rhythms of distortion beneath Consciousness, in other words, just because you care, care deeply, there may be distortion that we as a human race haven't even reached yet. We are rising and we shall expand beyond all Distortion. Conscious Self Observation and Humility are Key to Coming Home and to All Being Free. 

In Light, Daniella Breen

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World Condtiion Report: Ancient Support Returns For a New World Condition

A very long time ago, long before distortion was an issue, Humanity had a leader. A leader who is Light and of the Beyond. Humanity has a Leader who loved Humanity so deeply that when Humanity was under threat of destruction, she went to the darkest places on Earth and stayed there for a long time, in order to gather up all that was threatening Humanity, all that she could possible gather, in order to save her beloved People. In this time now, she is returning, to again lead Her People Home. You will soon see Her. You will see Her when you are ready. She is gathering presence after an arduous journey and is returning to her leadership of Humanity Once More. 

For a People who have been through so much Darkness, Leadership is not always something that triggers enthusiasm - in fact there has been much direction towards independance and with good reason, as Leadership has repeatedly become distorted, even when it started out with good intention. However, I promise that when this Light shows herself, you will recognise Her as Light, you will recognise that this is a whole new condition of Light, Support and Leadership. In this, Leadership is entirely about Honour, Very High Consciousness, well beyond what has been shared till now. And a great Love for People becoming all that they can be and reaching heights that right now can only be imagined. 

This is the heralding of a very new time. A new condition that is unrecognised until now. You have nothing to be concerned about, all I recommend, is that you hold your Heart in readiness for this New Condition - for it is strongly in the Offing. 

In Light, Daniella Breen. 


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God is Light the opposite of Light is Dark - Dark Consciousness. This Universe is God Light design.
As Light Is, so Dark Is. Wherever Light Is, Dark is, but is usually not allowed for in Light Design. In other words, whilst there is not one without the other, it doesn't mean that Dark has the allowance to Be in Action, to Be Activated. To Be Heard, Seen, Generated, Enabled.
That being said, for a time, Darkness was 'allowed for' here in this Universe. For a time, Lucifer, a being of Light, under the authority of God, Stood Allowing For Darkness. It was then that it was learned just what Darkness was like, what it is capable of, how it thinks, operates and Is.
The opposite of something Good, is not necessarily Bad. It could be another kind of Good. A different kind of Love. Imagine, a Universe, a place of discovery, expansion, exploration, Free Will, being blessed with a whole other kind of Good to expand with! What an amazing opportunity in Freedom that could be. Unfortunately, that is not what Darkness turned out to be. Instead, it introduced horrors, violations, abominations beyond the imaginings of Light.
So, Lucifer, is no longer holding that position. A much Higher Light Being relieved Lucifer of the position he was Holding, and took over in order to shut down the Allowance of Darkness in this Universe. Now, Darkness is no longer active in presence, thought, awareness or deed. It has left behind a massive mess that continues to be actively operating throughout the World. What I have been calling the Dark Design is a massive tangle of distortion so complex, having run through the Human Race for a very long time.
Now, it is our time, to separate from the massive distortion. To return Home - Home is our Original Design - which continues to exist, far from the Dark Design we've become tangled in through no fault of our own. This is the journey we are on now - the Journey Home.
In Light, Daniella Breen
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New Public Readings for These Times

I have started a new line of Public Readings to be hosted here at Consciousness Call. These readings are to occur at least weekly. I use cards from oracle and tarot decks that I have, but what will be coming through is going to be well beyond the concepts of some of these cards and what they infer. This goes well beyond the designer's concept for the card. The focus is the World - which is, as humanity returns Home, is what we are becoming the Architects and Designers of. 

These readings will support you as you are on your journey Home. They will continue to present concepts and reminders of what is available to you and how to return to presence, remain present, and deepen your presence, with the Truth. 

The Readings come under the title of World Condition Readings and hold guidance for you. 

When a World Condition Reading is completed, I shall share the link to it on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you are a member here and are active in the Forum, so that you can join any discussions that arise here based on the information from these Readings. 

In Light, Daniella Breen 

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Hush! Be Still. Listen. Not to voices, or words, ideas or thoughts, what you are being shown now, lies Beyond all of that chatter. This is Light, however it is beyond the concept of Light that is known to Humanity.  Spend time each day being open to a Light that IS beyond the Chatter. Beyond the Silence. Beyond All That is Known and UnKnown. It takes a while to see it, to hear it, to find it, but it's there. You are ready to align with it. This matters more than everything. In Light, Daniella 

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World Condition Reading: Risk


Ascension is the awakening after many lifetimes of oppression, enslavement. The loss of perspective runs so deep, is so complex, layers upon layers of distorted perspective. Even those who believe they are fully empowered, fully awakened, have yet to know their ultimate Self, the ultimate condition of Humanity.

The Risk Card – as it presents itself to me right now, is the encouragement to take a certain position of consciousness. That yes, you are wiser than before, that you have grown and aligned in ways you never knew were possible once upon a time, however, to understand that you are still on a blind journey, to allow yourself to be in the condition of Not Knowing. This choice of Position of Consciousness Prepares you well for the unfolding that is to come.

Be Open, Much Change is Soon to Come.

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EFT Training Was Great

We held the first live training call for the EFT Work - it went very well, even despite the terrible line issues due to so many more people using the internet these days. So, what now?

My intention with the EFT training is to get people confident and happy about using this terrific tool. This is not specifically an Ascension Tool. When it comes to Ascension, Humanity is currently being challenged with leaving the massive and ancient distortion tangle that it's been programmed with for thousands of years. There is a specific set of consciousness and skills relating to this process and as a person awakens, their needs for deeper understanding and greater skills continues. EFT is not a part of that, not really. 

While all of this is happening, the same old issues we were dealing with before Ascension started, the rising of consciousness tugging at the wounding and mess that lies beneath the surface, continues to be an issue - only these days, it's moving so much faster. If you're not processing the Soul Garbage, the wounding and congestion, it will shut you down pretty quickly. You really do need to continue to build your skills and consciousness around these primary issues. And you really need to do the work. This is where EFT comes in really powerfully. 

Of course EFT is not the be all-end all, but it is a mighty powerful tool in it's own right. Learning how to use it thoroughly and well, really grasping the way in which to use it and how it works, can change everything. There are some terrible teachers out there, well intentioned but entirely missing the point. I am going to be developing a primary basic training set up here - that you will be able to access simply by joining the EFT Training Group (it's free, but you must be a member here at Consciousness Call - which is also free).  Also from time-to-time I'll be running a Live Call to help with the development and understanding of this tool. 

Dive in and commit to developing your skill and understanding of one single tool that will support your Healing and Recovery in these times. In Light, Daniella Breen 


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EFT FREE Training

New Training is announced - EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique  EFT is a wonderful tool, once trained, it is simple and easy to use, and powerfully effective. I, Daniella, have been working with and teaching EFT since 2003.
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