Life, The Universe & Everything (1)

God is Light the opposite of Light is Dark - Dark Consciousness. This Universe is God Light design.
As Light Is, so Dark Is. Wherever Light Is, Dark is, but is usually not allowed for in Light Design. In other words, whilst there is not one without the other, it doesn't mean that Dark has the allowance to Be in Action, to Be Activated. To Be Heard, Seen, Generated, Enabled.
That being said, for a time, Darkness was 'allowed for' here in this Universe. For a time, Lucifer, a being of Light, under the authority of God, Stood Allowing For Darkness. It was then that it was learned just what Darkness was like, what it is capable of, how it thinks, operates and Is.
The opposite of something Good, is not necessarily Bad. It could be another kind of Good. A different kind of Love. Imagine, a Universe, a place of discovery, expansion, exploration, Free Will, being blessed with a whole other kind of Good to expand with! What an amazing opportunity in Freedom that could be. Unfortunately, that is not what Darkness turned out to be. Instead, it introduced horrors, violations, abominations beyond the imaginings of Light.
So, Lucifer, is no longer holding that position. A much Higher Light Being relieved Lucifer of the position he was Holding, and took over in order to shut down the Allowance of Darkness in this Universe. Now, Darkness is no longer active in presence, thought, awareness or deed. It has left behind a massive mess that continues to be actively operating throughout the World. What I have been calling the Dark Design is a massive tangle of distortion so complex, having run through the Human Race for a very long time.
Now, it is our time, to separate from the massive distortion. To return Home - Home is our Original Design - which continues to exist, far from the Dark Design we've become tangled in through no fault of our own. This is the journey we are on now - the Journey Home.
In Light, Daniella Breen
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