Heart Light (Soul Light)

Heart Light (Soul Light)

Deep in the Center of your Heart, is the most beautiful spinning ball of Light. 

It spins so smoothly, so beautifully, that you can barely notice it spinning at all, but it is.


In the center of the ball is a Star of Light. 

Strong and constant, this Star is the Ultimate Sacred Truth of You. 

Be present with it and Breathe. 

Your Star of Light is eternal. You can move deeper and deeper into the Star,

Moving towards the center, but try as you may, you will never reach the center of Your Star. 

Try it now. 

As you move deeper, you may feel that you are not merging with it, but that it is moving around you. 

In this case, stop, and Hold, and give your Form time to adjust, so that your Form and the Light of Your Star merge. 

You are meant to merge and this means 'align', with your Star. 

So stay in one position with the Light for as long as it takes for your Form to absorb or align with your Star Light. 

Then, once it does, go deeper towards the Center. 

Move gently, move slowly, and any time you find the Light unable to absorb with your Form, 

Wait, Hold and allow your Form to adjust. Once the Light has absorbed, then continue. 

You Are Sacred. Know Yourself as Light. 

In Light, Daniella Breen. 

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