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New Public Readings for These Times

I have started a new line of Public Readings to be hosted here at Consciousness Call. These readings are to occur at least weekly. I use cards from oracle and tarot decks that I have, but what will be coming through is going to be well beyond the concepts of some of these cards and what they infer. This goes well beyond the designer's concept for the card. The focus is the World - which is, as humanity returns Home, is what we are becoming the Architects and Designers of. 

These readings will support you as you are on your journey Home. They will continue to present concepts and reminders of what is available to you and how to return to presence, remain present, and deepen your presence, with the Truth. 

The Readings come under the title of World Condition Readings and hold guidance for you. 

When a World Condition Reading is completed, I shall share the link to it on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you are a member here and are active in the Forum, so that you can join any discussions that arise here based on the information from these Readings. 

In Light, Daniella Breen 

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