Stand Together and Hold the Light

Stand Together and Hold the Light

Yesterday we held the first Light Show. Our new radio show, held monthly, for Light Holders to gather together and Hold the Light. If you didn't catch it, then please go and listen to the playback. I am so en-joyed as to how strong in Light it is and how well it flowed. This 'show' is not just an intellectual 'listen in', it is experiential, participatory, aligning and strengthening in Light. "Mindblowing", "my favourite of all of your work", are just some of the comments so far. 

I care deeply about Humanity and the Journey Home that we are currently on. I work deeply in cleaning up distortion, the corrupted condition that form holds, that shapes our World. So I am not someone who only focuses on Light - not that I am critical of those who do, they provide a much needed stability throughout the human race that is difficult enough to come by right now. However, also, I am deeply aware of the need to stand still in Light and Hold. To be entirely present in the condition of Light and Hold Firmly. To align with others in Light and Live the beautiful mandala of Light, Colour, Tone, Shape and Harmonics that play out. To Hold such a condition for a while strengthens each person's presence in the Free Consequence of Wholeness in Light. To Hold such a condition for an Hour at a time, allows the formation to gain strength and a deeper, stronger, presence at all times. To Hold such a condition each month, not only gains strength in your Form, but in the combined Form of Humanity - a deeper, stronger unifying condition of Light Wholeness that Humanity can heal, strengthen and gain succour from. 

If you joined us on the Show, I hope you commit to participating each month, and to sharing the show with all those you know who value Light Holding. If you have yet to participate, I hope you listen to the playback/s (the test run is also a complete show) and join us on the next Live Show. 

Please, share, comment, Follow the Show, and join us next month as we Stand together and Hold the Light


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