World Condition Readings: Calm Light Authority

The journey that humanity is currently undertaking, is the Journey Home. After such a long time in enslavement, we are clearing and leaving the Distortion that has held humanity down and returning to a condition of Freedom, where Our Choice is Our Way. 

Coming Home is about Clearing, Recovering, Strengthening and Restoring Self Authority. Self Authority is what today's reading is about. Remember this. When Home, the Center and Cause of your Life, your Condition, your Freedom, is You. You are the Authority of Your Self. 

Being the Authority of Self includes a number of very important States of Consciousness that you must develop your skill in. Self Awareness,

  • Stillness,
  • Clarity of Choice,
  • Integrity;
  • Boundaries including the Boundaries of Where you end and others begin.
  • Boundaries of what you have rights to and what you do not have rights to. 
  • and Calm just to name a few.

Today, I pulled three cards from the Motherpeace deck. 

1. Star - the 17th Card. Focuses on Calm, Grace, Peace and the gifts that unfold with that. 

2. 5 Discs - the practice of a calming ritual, holding present in a rhythmical act. 

3. Shaman of Wands - The restoring of authority to it's rightful owner. 

A long time ago, long before this life time, you held the condition of authority of your Self. That was the intention of God, the choice of Free Will, the design of this Free Will Universe. That you, that each member of Humanity, would hold self Authority, Free Will, Free Choice and that you would develop beautiful gifts and skills that would if it is your choice, be used by you to contribute to a beautiful and bounteous civilisation. The Greatest Civilisation ever known. It would be peaceful, Light filled, wonderful and Free. Suffering was an unknown. 

We are now returning Home where that Civilisation can once again be obtained. 

Realise and Know the value of Calm, Grace, Peace in all of your endeavours, ways and actions. 

You Are Sacred. In Light, Daniella Breen



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  • Meditation and Ritual Matter. Recognising impatience as distortion and clearing as you go. 

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