Come Here to help find your way around this big place. Also tips and tricks to use in this joint!

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Here is all kinds of help in navigating your way around this community, plus Tips and Hints.

Overall Layout: The Tiers

Here is a growing list of Instructions, Clarifications and directions for this somewhat rambling mansion of a place. 

General Layout

There are several tiers to this place. 

Tier One: Visitors.

Visitors have a certain amount of limited freedom to look around without participating. 

Tier Two: Members

If you identify as a Lightworker, Lightmaster, Ascension Wayshower in Light, you are welcome to join us. At the top of the page (right or left depending on the device you are using) click on the People sign and set up your membership. It's free. 

This gives you access to much more - especially the CC Community Forum and 'My Page' which is where you can develop friendships and join in private discussions, as well as blog and comment. 

Tier Three: Priestesses of Light

For Women who identify as Lightworkers we have the private Community - women are welcome to join, just send me a message and I'll bring you in. 

Tier Four: Training and Other Groups

There are groups set up for Training, some are Free others are paid and exclusive. All are directly promoted to the relevant people.

Also, other groups may be formed for specific group work such as Lightwork of a Specific Nature.  

New Members

So there are a few things to learn that will help you find your way around our Community when you first join. 

First, Introductions. Hi, I am Daniella Breen.

If you don't already know, I am Daniella Breen. I am overseeing this place and you'll see me around here a lot. It's true, I am a mentor, teacher of Light and more, however this community is for all Lightworkers not just those who work with me professionally. Just please be respectful of myself and the others in this community. 

P.S., about me - I live in Australia - for many of you, when you are active, I may be sleeping so if I haven't responded, it may be because it's the middle of the night or because I am working in a session. Don't be concerned, I won't be too far away! 

Significant Pages to Get Going

Once you've set up your membership and signed in, finding your way around can be confusing. Here are some starting points. 

1. The Menu: Yes I know, pretty basic right? But for some it gets confusing, so I really just want to point it out for everyone.

2. 'My Page' - in the Menu you'll see a link that says 'My Page'. This is where all of your personal membership info is stored. Any 'Friend' connections you've built with other members, any Groups you may belong to, conversations you're having with others and so on.  Your 'My Page' is the Hub to Your membership here. 

3. CC Community Forum - This is the forum for all members. The place to hang out, discuss different topics, share ideas and information and more. 

4. Priestesses of Light Group - if you are a woman and have yet to be signed in, then give me a nudge because I will happily sign you in. Being in this group provides access to a private and exclusive forum and blog. It's a gorgeous group and developing well. 


Hints, Tips and Tricks

Emoji's and Emoticons

At this point, they don't seem to be included in the HTML options here, however, you can do a search for emojis on the net, and sites pop up for a whole host of emojis, where you can select the one/s you want to use, copy them and then paste them into your Post here on the site. Their not perfect, but many of us enjoy a bit of colour and expression in our posts! is one that I've been using. πŸ₯°πŸ™πŸŒΈπŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ§‘β€οΈπŸ’›

Otherwise you can select the pic option in the HTML bar at the top of the the post, and upload pics of your own.  I recommend keeping it to 300px - otherwise it can come up far too big!! 

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